DECA fieldtrip to AT&T Stadium
    Welcome to Keene ISD's DECA Club!
    Formally known as Distributive Education Clubs of America
    DECA Mission Statement:
    To prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.
    DECA Creed:
    I believe in the future which I am planning for myself in the field of marketing and management, and in the opportunities which my vocation offers. I believe in fulfilling the highest measure of service to my vocation, my fellow beings, my country and my God-that by so doing, I will be rewarded with personal satisfaction
    and material wealth. I believe in the democratic philosophies of private enterprise and competition, and
    in the freedoms of this nation-that these philosophies allow for the fullest development of my individual abilities. I believe that by doing my best to live according to these high principles, I will be of greater service both to myself and to mankind. 
    Since November of 2015, our DECA club has been blossoming and becoming bigger and bigger. We had some major milestones last year and would love to share them with you.

    Achievements in chronological order:

    DECA Power Trip to Austin (12/15)

    Getting to meet Daymond John from Shark Tank (1/16)

    Raised over $320 dollars for Relay for Life from our Potato Bar (1/16)

    Presented DECA's Mission Statement to the Community Leaders at Un-Gala (4/16)

    Saw top Executives speech at Dallas Cowboys Stadium (10/16)

    Raised $130 dollars at Car Wash and Bake Sale (10/16)

    We're looking forward to adding many many more achievements on this page in the years ahead!